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The Future Of Real Estate Is The Virtual Tour

The Future Of Real Estate Is The Virtual Tour


It is the year 2016. This is the most technologically advanced time in human history. So why then have so many businesses been stuck in the past? For decades upon decades, the real estate industry was constrained to either showing abstract floor plans, showing artistic renderings of the property, or doing an in-person walkthrough. These in-person viewings are costly. They take an outsized amount of time and effort to put together and make happen. Every single showing requires an agent on site. The property needs to be maintained and cleaned before every single showing. A single agent could show one property over and over again before it ever has a single bid. It is severely inefficient. Virtual walkthrough tours are the 2016 answer to an outdated way of doing things.


A virtual tour is exactly what it sounds like. It is an online walkthrough of any business or residential property. These 3D walkthrough tours allow anyone to go on a website to remotely experience the full layout of any business or home. Without ever leaving their home, or even getting off their phone.


The benefits of these virtual tours are easy to see. Online 3D walkthrough tours are the real future of real estate advertising. A 360-degree virtual tour will allow people from all over the world to view the property that is up for sale. There is a clear line between better real estate advertising to more sales for the company. The more people that are able to view and experience a property, the more likely it is that someone will purchase that property. More people viewing the real estate, the more people find that property to be desirable. A 3D walkthrough allows anyone to experience the real estate property in 1 to 1scale. This is useful because anyone can explore the space at their own leisure, at any time. The real estate agent that would normally be on-site showing off the property, now only has to type up detailed notes about the space for the visitors to read.


The year 2016 saw the dawn of true commercial virtual reality. Virtual reality is now far more accessible to large swaths of the population. The use of virtual reality allows users to take a fully immersive 360-degree virtual tour. This will allow the user to completely experience the place they are in. It is by far the most useful way for a person to experience any property remotely. A person using virtual reality in Melbourne Australia will be able to fully explore an office space in Seattle Washington.


360-degree virtual tours are the obvious future of real estate advertising. Both virtual reality and 3D walkthrough tours will lead to more sales across the board. It is cheaper and more efficient and will greatly expand the realm of potential buyers.